1. Refinery29

    Being single in the big city can be hard sometimes but Refinery29 sure knows how to make it fun! I had such a great time being one of 2014’s Hottest Bachelorettes in NYC. Read my questionnaire! Enjoy!

  2. Thanks again @refinery29! I had such a fun day on set as a Bachelorette! Link is in my bio! | #vsco #vscocam (at Refinery29 Living)


  3. Getaway Feels

    Photos by Darius Garvin.

    It is true that people I need to vacation more often then they do. We wanted that chance to get away, refresh and reset our mindset. On vacation you are able to find inspiration again and get your creative juices flowing.

    Living in a big city like New York sometimes doesn’t help either you constantly have things to do appointments, meetings you never get a chance to catch your breath but don’t get me wrong there’s no other place in the world I rather be.


  4. Getaway Feels

    Photos by Darius Garvin.

  5. Magazines and a fresh cup of tea. This may be one of my most favorite shoots! Photos are up on my blog now! (📷: @dariusmgarvin) www.thesouthstreetstyle.com link in bio! | #vsco #vscocam (at www.thesouthstreetstyle.com)

  6. Are you all ready to hang out with us tomorrow evening?! Come to @shopworship (117 Wilson Avenue, off the Jefferson L stop in Bushwick, Brooklyn!) tomorrow 6:30PM-9PM to shop amazing vintage clothing, dance and hang with us! Drinks and after party provided by @milesonwilson!! (at Worship)


  7. My Kind of Neutral

    Everyone that knows me, knows that these are my three go to colors! Sleek and simple. I loved this skirt the moment I saw it and had to have it!

    Shirt: American Apparel // Skirt: Top Shop // Shoes: Zara // Sunglasses: Lucia by RETROSUPERFUTURE

    Photos by Darius Garvin

  8. This Tuesday night in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Hangout with us, shop and dance at @shopworhsip! After party at @milesonwilson! | #vsco #vscocam

  9. New on the blog now! (📷: @dariusmgarvin) www.thesouthstreetstyle.com link in bio! | #vsco #vscocam (at www.thesouthstreetstyle.com)


  10. Vacation to Paradise

    I am not much of a vacationer. People who know me really well, know that I do not take time off, or call out of work, ever. I figured that the week before all of the Fashion Week craziness was a good time to get away, catch a few rays and hang out with friends I haven’t seen in a while. So I did just that. I went to Vieques. It is a small island off the main island, San Juan. Photos by Darius Garvin.